Residential/Light Commercial Inverter-Driven Ductless & Ducted Systems
Commercial VRF Multi-Zone Systems (3 - 30 tons)
Heat Pump & Heat Recovery Systems
GE Zoneline Over 50 years of design experience. They are the industry’s  trusted choice of PTACS, offering the quietest PTAC in the industry.
Securely connected cloud-based solution supports both wired and wireless devices for all HVAC and lighting applications, giving you fully integrated control of your energy on-site and remotely.
Unit Heaters, Duct Heaters, Packaged Air Conditioning
Radiant Heat, Energy Recovery, & Make-up Air Units
Wall Mount Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps
World's largest supplier of open coil heating elements. Producing over 35,000 heaters a day for their OEM customers.  Tutco holds 80% of the U.S. Patents in open coil heating technology.
Whether industrial, commercial, hospitality, or multi-unit residential buildings, LIFEBREATH  solutions are designed to balance the desire to conserve energy with our need for a healthy  environment.

 Centrifugal Roof & Wall Exhausters •  Filtered Supply Propeller Roof Ventilators • Wall Fans • Recovery Ventilators Utility Sets • Ceiling/Cabinet Fans • Gravity Ventilators Inline Duct Fans • Upblast Restaurant Exhausters
Wall Mount & Ceiling Concealed air handlers.
Custom manufactured chilled water, hot water, and
direct expansion coils.
Commercial Air Handlers & Coils, 400—12,000 cfm
LCBS Connect Solution is a new offering available through Honeywell two-step distribution. It meets the needs of  small commercial building owners and HVAC controls and service contractors.

Commercial Water Source Heat Pumps  (1/2-25 ton) Console Units, & Water/Water.